My Post NGH Summer Institute Workshop – August 11, 2014

Attention Hypnosis Practitioners and people that want to be hypnosis practitioners -- I highly recommend attending the NGH Convention!

Stress, Pain And Anxiety - Oh Yeah!
You Can Ride The Integrative Health Care Wave! with Michael Ellner
This one-day workshop focuses on more than just market- ing your hypnotic services to your local health care commu- nities, potential clients and the media. You will be provided with a model and related techniques that can help you bene- fit and take advantage of Conventional Medical Practice’s movement towards Integrative Health Care.
“Guided Self-Care” is an evidenced based model that is gaining acceptance within conventional medical practice that fits neatly into a consulting hypnotists’ scope of practice. Teaching clients how to practice and motivating them to practice self-hypnosis is an ideal way to assist clients living with chronic stress, pain and/or anxiety. The great news is that conventional medical practice is beginning to recognize that “self-care” is a necessary supplement to quality medical and health care.
Self-hypnosis is effective for helping clients with health and medical concerns and conditions, reduce stress and anxiety and take the suffering out of chronic pain.
Attendees will learn how teaching their client how to change their state, beliefs, and expectations can empower them to reduce stress, pain and anxiety as a supplement to their pre- ventive health and/or medical care. Now is the time to catch the integreative health care wave.
Who Should Attend:
Every consulting hypnotist interested in joining their local health care communities and distinguishing themselves in medical and dental hypnosis will benefit from attending this workshop. Hypnosis professionals taking this course will be able to help their clients feel better and heal faster and the training extends into help- ing clients take charge of their lives, health and careers .
Learning Objectives ...
y List three benefits of hypnotically managing pain
y List three benefits of hypnotically reducing anxiety
y List three benefits of reducing stress
y List three conditions, diseases or syndromes that may
respond to self-hypnosis
y List three Mind-body resources
y Describe three stress management techniques that can be
utilized in medical settings
y Describe three pain management techniques that can be
utilized in dental settings
y Describe three anxiety-reducing techniques that can be
utilized in medical or dental settings
y Describe two approaches to helping clients de-stress
y Explain the role of self-care programs in complementary
health care
y Describe a three-step model for conducting effective
client intakes.
y Describe a three-step model for conducting effective
y Describe calibrating pain or anxiety utilizing the Ellner
Comfort Scale
y Describe a four-step model for releasing toxic emotions
and feelings
Here is what G. Ernest Lofton MD, MPH, CH says about Michael’s training: “My experience in Michael Ellner’s workshop was exceptional. The combination of classroom instruction and practical application was excellent. I have applied his techniques and teaching to my personal life and my practice. Michael is an important resource to me in my medical and hypnotherapy practices.”
Course #217 Monday, August 11th
*Tuition: $225
Session begins at 9 am

Michael Ellner is a major force in educating health care and hypnosis professionals, the media and the public about the heal- ing powers of a happy heart, peaceful mind and playful spirit as a featured faculty member of PAINWeek (2007-2012), his webi- nars for ExecSense, radio interviews, articles in peer reviewed and trade journals for health care providers and hypnosis profes-
sionals. He has been teaching CME and non-CME courses the UK, Canada, and South Africa and across the US. He is an award winning hypnosis practitioner, ed- ucator and writer. His many NGH honors include being inducted into the Order of the Braid Council, and named the NGH 1995 “Educator of the Year” and was the re- cipient of the 2009 Charles Tebbetts Lamp for Spreading the Light of Hypnosis. Ell- ner also received Two NGH Hypnosis Humanities Awards. Michael has been published in a peer-reviewed journal and is often quoted in Medical and Hospital trade publications as well as health related websites like, Forbes Women, and national women's magazines like, Good Housekeeping, and, Woman’s World.
Take Home Materials:
Includes a comprehensive training manual.
Don’t miss this unique, comprehensive and practical training!
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